02. February 2019

Sewing prosperity: Public Finance Management challenges in northern Peru

Seminar in Peru

The Subnational Public Finance Management Programme in Peru, in collaboration with the government of Peru’s La Libertad region and local government of the city of Trujillo, held an international seminar in February 2019 on “Sewing prosperity: Public Finance Management challenges in the north Peruvian macro-region.”

The seminar was an opportunity for reflection and exchange for the subnational governments of Peru's northern macro-region that underwent Public Finance Management evaluations in 2016–2018. 

Key actors shared their experiences in implementing improvements in Public Finance Management. They highlighted the challenges of planning and executing budgets in accordance with the priorities of a public policy ultimately aimed at achieving better public services for citizens.

Swiss experts arrived in Trujillo to hold meetings with the authorities and participate in the seminar. Mr. Carlos Orjales, Programme Manager of the Swiss Cooperation - SECO in Peru, highlighted the role of the Subnational PFM Programme and that of the Swiss Cooperation in Peru in improving the management of Peru's public finances. He mentioned the progress made and the good practices identified, along with all the improvements and innovations in processes that aim to enable citizens to access better public services.

He also commented that effective management of public finances enables citizens to access high-quality public goods and services such as health, education, water and sanitation, transportation, as well as modern infrastructure. All this is essential to generating sustainable growth in peru.