25. November 2021

Peter Maurer to succeed Mark Pieth as President of the Basel Institute on Governance

Peter Maurer headshot
Peter Maurer. Photo: Copyright ICRC

Peter Maurer, President of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) since 2012, is set to take over as President of the Board of the Basel Institute on Governance when he steps down as ICRC President in September 2022.

He succeeds the Basel Institute’s founder and President, Professor Mark Pieth.

Since establishing the Basel Institute in 2003 as an Associated Institute of the University of Basel, Mark Pieth has overseen the organisation’s steady development into a leading player in efforts to combat corruption and raise standards of governance around the world.

Based in Basel, Switzerland, the Basel Institute counts 90+ staff working across Southern and East Africa, Latin America, Eastern Europe and Central and South Asia. It remains committed to working with the public and private sectors to promote anti-corruption and good governance, together with an extensive network of partners at the highest national and international levels.

Peter Maurer commented:

“Throughout my diplomatic career and during my time at the ICRC, a driving priority has been to alleviate the suffering of women, men and children caught up in terrible human disasters around the world. Now, with the Basel Institute, I want to focus on tackling the causes of much of this human suffering – corruption and poor governance.

I am delighted to take over from Mark Pieth, a leading expert and pioneer in the fight against corruption, and look forward to helping the Basel Institute reach higher and wider in the global governance arena. Together, we can have even more impact among those people most affected by corruption, as well as those most strongly committed to fighting it.”

Mark Pieth emphasised the value of Peter Maurer’s deep experience and reputation in international diplomacy and humanitarian action, saying:

“If there is one thing I have learned in over 30 years of holding the powerful to account, it is that corruption is not just a technical topic. It affects the whole of humanity and profoundly hurts people, especially the most vulnerable.

I have also learned that not everyone likes to hear the anti-corruption message. That is precisely why we need to keep talking about it and amplify the voices of those who are willing to talk about it, from the streets to the media to the highest political and economic fora. Peter’s profile and experience makes him an ideal successor to help in elevating and spreading the message, and getting global leaders to live up to their commitments.”

Peter Maurer will join six other distinguished members of the Basel Institute’s Foundation Board, which is responsible for guiding the overall strategy of the Basel Institute.

Born in Thun, Switzerland, Peter Maurer holds a doctorate in history and international law from the University of Bern and has held various positions in the Swiss diplomatic service, including as Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the United Nations in New York and Secretary of State. He became ICRC’s President in July 2012.

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