16. December 2018

Peru’s regional governors and governors-elect discuss the challenges of decentralisation

Regional governor meeting in Peru

Peru’s National Assembly of Regional Governments (ANGR), with support from the SECO-funded Subnational PFM programme implemented by the Basel Institute’s office in Lima, has organised a successful first meeting of the country’s current regional governors and those newly elected to govern for the period 2019–2022.

The aim was to provide a space to exchange on the challenges of decentralisation in Peru, including fiscal decentralisation, issues around public finance management for the achievement of development goals and public investment systems as tools for good management.

Other key discussion points included the importance of the work of the regional associations (“mancomunidades regionals”) and the need to address challenges that require efforts on the part of public institutions efforts in order to be able to carry out large-scale projects that benefit citizens.

At the event, Martin Peter, Director of SECO's Economic Development Cooperation in Peru, highlighted the role of the Subnational PFM Programme and of the cooperation in general in the management of public finances in Peru, which are adding to the support of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. 

In turn, Paola Bustamante, Co-Director of the Subnational PFM Programme, announced progress and good practices identified in public finance management, including innovations in processes that enable citizens to access better public services. 

The meeting was also a chance to launch the coordination of support to new efforts of the Peruvian regional governments of La Libertad, San Martín and Apurímac. Finally, representatives of the regional governments of Cusco and Apurímac, as well as other authorities, expressed their gratitude for the valuable support provided by the ANGR and the Swiss-SECO Cooperation and recommended that other regional governments could put into practice the good practices and tools developed by the Subnational PFM Programme.