25. January 2021

Opportunity: seeking a partner organisation in Malawi for corruption prevention work with the private sector

Basel Institute on Governance - Job vacancies

Our Collective Action team is looking for a local partner organisation in Malawi to support collaborative, business-oriented activities to prevent corruption in infrastructure/construction procurement.

Key elements are:

  • Corruption reporting mechanisms
  • Early detection tools
  • Collective mitigation strategies to reduce opportunities for corrupt practices.

The local partner will conduct research and focus group discussions on these topics with representatives of companies and industry associations, multi-stakeholder initiatives, and anti-corruption authorities. 

Following the research phase, they will coordinate ongoing discussions and activities to prevent corruption in infrastructure/construction procurement processes with a core stakeholder group.

We are looking for a registered organisation with an office in Malawi and a minimum of 15 staff. The organisation should have a track record of working with both the public and private sectors and facilitating collaborative business-oriented corruption prevention approaches.

The work is part of the Tackling Serious and Organised Corruption (TSOC) programme of the UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO), which is implemented by the Basel Institute on Governance through its local office in Malawi.

  • Deadline for applications: 15 February 2021
  • Timeline: Between 1 March and 10 May 2021

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