Advisory services

We offer personalised guidance to companies and organisations on how to:

  • fix weaknesses in corporate governance structures;
  • set up or enhance compliance programmes;
  • integrate anti-corruption and anti-bribery measures into risk management systems.

We don’t follow a tick-box approach to compliance, so our services are always tailored to the needs of our clients. 

Our fee arrangements are also flexible to suit the needs of organisations of all types and sizes.

Gemma Aiolfi

Head of Compliance, Corporate Governance and Collective Action
+41 61 205 56 74

Guidance areas

Implementing proper anti-corruption compliance and governance measures doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult, but the consequences of not doing so can be.

Organisations hit by accusations of corruption face damaged reputations, plunging share prices and public outcry. So, whilst we offer our support in managing such crisis situations, we prefer to help organisations prevent such scandals from happening in the first place. 

Common guidance areas include:

  • Benchmarking compliance programmes and identifying areas for improvement;
  • Strengthening third-party due diligence and supply chain risk management;
  • Conducting risk reviews and employee surveys;
  • Deciding whether and how to implement a reporting or whistleblowing mechanism;
  • Dealing with conflicts of interest and dilemma situations;
  • Meeting reporting requirements for anti-corruption laws like the UK Bribery Act and US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act;
  • Developing written policies and procedures such as a Code of Conduct;
  • Creating training materials and delivering on-site training;
  • Strategic guidance on short- and long-term responses to corruption-related crises.