Compliance and Corporate Governance

The Basel Institute’s Compliance team helps organisations to enhance their anti-corruption compliance programmes and organisational governance.

Our guidance is always tailored to an organisation's specific needs and based on an analysis of the current state of their existing programmes and structures. Our support is often accompanied by bespoke training courses on anti-corruption compliance.

We work with different types of organisations, from small businesses to multinational enterprises, state-owned enterprises, financial institutions, non-profit organisations and government authorities.  

Frequently asked questions

What is your approach to anti-corruption compliance?

The goal of an anti-corruption compliance programme is often summarised as being to "prevent, detect and respond" to bribery and other forms of corruption, and to remediate failures when they occur. This shorthand description underplays an essential element: the ethical context or organisational culture.

Our approach focuses on helping organisations to build a culture based on transparency, accountability, integrity and “speaking up” about corruption and bribery concerns. We support efforts to integrate anti-corruption compliance programmes into broader frameworks of risk management and sustainability.

This approach looks different for each organisation. Our services and training programmes are highly tailored to our clients’ specific needs, organisational make-up and set-up.

What kind of advice do you offer?

We offer tailor-made guidance to companies and organisations on how to:

  • set up or enhance compliance programmes;
  • address weaknesses in governance structures;
  • integrate anti-corruption measures into risk management systems;
  • align anti-corruption compliance with other ESG objectives;
  • strengthen internal anti-corruption compliance;
  • improve fair business conditions through Collective Action with other companies and stakeholders; 
  • assess the effectiveness of their anti-corruption compliance programmes through the review of their key performance indicators (KPIs) and the methodology applied to those KPIs.
What are common needs of your clients?

Common guidance and advisory services include:

  • benchmarking compliance programmes and identifying areas for improvement;
  • strengthening third-party due diligence and supply chain risk management;
  • conducting risk reviews and employee surveys;
  • how to implement a reporting or whistleblowing mechanism;
  • dealing with conflicts of interest and dilemma situations;
  • how to implement best practices to meet the applicable national and international legal standards;
  • supporting the development of Codes, policies and procedures that are relevant to the organisation’s specific requirements;
  • creating custom-made training materials and delivering on-site training;
  • strategic guidance on short- and long-term responses to corruption-related crises;
  • developing and reviewing suitable KPIs for organisations to use to assess the effectiveness of their anti-corruption compliance programme
  • how to engage in Collective Action and what it will contribute to fair business and the prevention of corruption in challenging markets;
  • conducting investigations or reviewing investigations already carried out.
What compliance training courses do you offer?

We can devise and deliver tailored training courses on any aspect of anti-corruption compliance for organisations in the public and private sectors.

We deliver training to board members, company directors, compliance officers and all relevant staff, either at your premises or virtually. Through case studies and interactive tasks, participants gain practical knowledge that will benefit their work and organisations right away.

What are your fees?

Our service fee arrangements are flexible and negotiable to suit the particular needs and demands of organisations of all types and sizes. Please contact us to discuss; such initial appointments are always free.

We also offer special guidance and training packages to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) worldwide on the anti-corruption compliance, corruption and bribery prevention, and anti-corruption Collective Action.

"Looking for advice on anti-corruption compliance or organisational governance issues? Get in touch for a free consultation."

Gemma Aiolfi

Senior Advisor Compliance and Collective Action
+41 61 205 56 74