Svitlana Lutsiuk

Senior Specialist, Corruption Prevention

Svitlana Lutsiuk joined the Basel Institute on Governance in January 2024 as Senior Specialist, Corruption Prevention in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Svitlana graduated from the Kyiv Law Institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in 2005 and began her career as an in-house lawyer at the State Foreign Trade Company Ukrinterenegro. She assisted the company in implementing projects in construction, energy and foreign trade, and managed dispute resolution in litigation and arbitration.

In 2016 Svitlana joined the International Disputes Department at the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, where she was dedicated to the protection of Ukraine’s interest in international disputes initiated by foreign investors.

Having witnessed the challenges Ukraine faces due to corruption, in 2020 Svitlana joined the National Agency of Corruption Prevention. She successfully managed multiple projects concerning policy making, corruption risk assessment and providing methodological assistance to anti-corruption officers in public and private entities, contributing to the promotion of an ethical, transparent and accountable way of doing business in Ukraine.

In 2023 Svitlana spent a year in a private sector law firm, working on anti-corruption and ethical business practice.