Karla Coronado

Specialist, Corruption Prevention

Karla Coronado joined the Basel Institute on Governance in September 2022 as a Specialist, Corruption Prevention in the Green Corruption programme.

Previously, she worked as an Internal Control and Integrity Specialist and Organisational Development Specialist for the Regional Government of San Martín in Peru. In these roles, she supported various aspects including governmental controls, risk management, transparency and integrity, as well as process management, organisational design and modernisation of the State.

In addition, she has been a Resident Consultant for the Subnational Public Finance Management Strengthening Programme in Peru, which is implemented by the Basel Institute on Governance through a local team. Her focus was on the implementation of an adequate management control system and the strengthening of ethics, transparency and accountability mechanisms.

Karla holds a bachelor’s degree in Administration from Universidad Nacional de San Martín and a master’s degree in Public Management from Universidad César Vallejo, both in Peru.