Feinoor Yudahastuti

Senior Programme Officer

Feinoor Yudahastuti joined the Basel Institute on Governance in July 2022 as the Senior Programme Officer for the USAID-funded INTEGRITAS project in Indonesia. In this role, she leads and coordinates the operational side of our activities under the INTEGRITAS project. 

Prior to joining the Basel Institute, Feinoor worked on development projects focusing on blue carbon (carbon stored in coastal and marine ecosystems) and anti-corruption. For example, she has worked on the comprehensive assessment and conservation of blue carbon ecosystems and their services in the Coral Triangle project, funded by the Japanese Development Agency (JICA). She assisted the marine researchers in creating sea surface temperature and coastal vegetation data maps, gathering data on carbon stocks data, and reviewing greenhouse gas policies in order to develop a science-based Blue Carbon Policy for Indonesia.

She has also worked for a USAID-funded corruption prevention project (CEGAH) as a Grants and Contracts Assistant, where she supported procurement, budgeting and grant applications.

Feinoor holds a Bachelor’s in International Relations from the Universitas Brawijaya in Indonesia.