Eric Stonecipher

Senior Specialist, Financial Investigations

Eric Stonecipher joined the Basel Institute's International Centre for Asset Recovery in August 2023 as Senior Specialist, Financial Investigations in Kosovo.

Eric has over 26 years’ experience in multiple roles as an AML/CFT and anti-corruption expert. He has worked in both the private and public sector, for the US government and for international organisations in 41 countries.

Eric’s work spans a range of disciplines, including financial intelligence, investigations and prosecution of money laundering and anti-corruption cases. He has extensive experience in the design, development and operational management of Financial Intelligence Units, supervisory entities, public integrity institutions and anti-corruption units in combatting financial crime related to public procurements, illicit trade and bribery, as well as the management and delivery of technical assistance and capacity building projects.

Eric is an expert in building trusting relationships and partnerships with national counterparts to support them in jointly designing and developing contextually appropriate recommendations across anti-corruption, financial intelligence, illicit financial flows, business processes, change management and strategy to enhance institutional capacity.

Eric has a Juris Doctorate in Law from Washburn University College of Law and a Bachelor of Science in Sociology and Anthropology from Emporia State University.