Timing in the public contracting cycle

The original model for Integrity Pacts focused primarily on the main tender phase of a procurement project. Experience has since shown that a longer-term intervention can have significant impact in promoting transparency, integrity and fair competition, as well as corruption prevention. 

Ideally, the Integrity Pact oversees the entire procurement cycle – from the needs assessment and tender specification phases through to the end of contract implementation.

Recent experiences have shown that early implementation can have a significant impact in levelling the playing field and building trust. See for example two Integrity Pacts in Castilla-La Mancha in Spain for an education centre and gymnasium, where an Integrity Pact was implemented to oversee the pre-tender needs assessment and tender specification phases. 

In addition, it is beneficial for both the public and potential bidders to know early on through communication channels that the government has committed to this tool.

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