Main actors and their roles

As Integrity Pacts should be tailored to each country and procurement process, there are numerous ways that stakeholders can become involved. The chart below outlines the various types of stakeholders and their potential roles.

Actor Role
Managing authority
  • A managing authority usually oversees the contracting authority/procurement agency that is undertaking the tender.
Contracting authority / Procurement agency
  • Commits, designs and implements the Integrity Pact through its legal team.
  • Is a formal party to the Integrity Pact.
Businesses bidding for the contract and winning bidders
  • Are formal parties to the Integrity Pact. 
  • Respect their commitments during the tender and/or contract implementation phases, including raising alerts through the reporting channels. 
  • May be asked to provide input to the Integrity Pact in the pre-tender phase. 
Civil Society Organisation (CSO) monitor
  • Provides guidance during design and implementation.
  • Facilitates and coordinates the process, with tasks ranging from communication and training to project management.
  • May act as, or help to select, the monitor.
  • In some cases, a CSO is a formal party to the Integrity Pact; in others CSOs might sign separate agreements that outline their role in the process.
  • In some instances, a CSO monitor receives and handles reports as per the dedicated channels and processes.
Technical experts / monitors
  • Provides technical expertise to evaluate any anti-corruption or fair-competition concerns during the tender and/or project implementation.
  • CSO monitors often appoint technical experts to provide input into the oversight and monitoring process.
  • Sometimes technical experts are appointed directly to serve as the monitor. 
Central / other government bodies
  • Indicates high-level political will in committing to the use of Integrity Pacts.
  • May direct contracting agency to implement an Integrity Pact.
Industry associations, including multi-stakeholder initiatives
  • May initiate the process.


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