Integrity Pacts and industry sectors

Integrity Pacts have been used in at least 22 different industry sectors, as shown in the Basel Institute's Integrity Pact database. Of the 32 countries that have implemented Integrity Pacts, 21 have used them to oversee multiple public procurement projects in more than one sector. 

A rough analysis of the Integrity Pacts in our database shows that the industry sectors that have most frequently used IPs are:

  • Infrastructure
  • Education (including education infrastructure)
  • Health (including health infrastructure)
  • Water
  • Road construction
  • Waste management
  • Cultural heritage 
  • Transport infrastructure (including railways/metros/trams)
  • Defence
  • Municipal procurement
  • Construction

Specific sectors

Since 2017, the Basel Institute and Banknote Ethics Initiative (BnEI) have collaborated to promote the use of Integrity Pacts to oversee banknote procurement

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