FinTech AML Compliance Training

The Basel Institute offers a training course on blockchain, cryptocurrencies and anti-money laundering/countering the financing of terrorism (AML/CFT) in partnership with Zurich-based law firm MME.

The two-day workshop, FinTech AML Compliance Training, covers the essentials of blockchain and how to adapt AML/CFT processes to the FinTech industry.

Money laundering and terrorist financing activities have become increasingly facilitated by cryptocurrencies. Based on blockchain technologies, cryptocurrency platforms provide criminals with new options for transferring funds peer-to-peer outside of sight and beyond the regulatory reach of authorities.

The aim of the course is to help FinTech, RegTech and compliance professionals detect and prevent the use of cryptocurrencies for illicit activities. With hands-on cases and practical exercises, participants will quickly gain the knowledge and tools they need to develop new AML/CFT policies and processes, or adapt existing ones, for the FinTech industry.

The course is also suitable for other members of financial institutions and policy makers.

Federico Paesano

Senior Financial Investigation Specialist
+41 79 601 9569

Course details

What does the course cover?

  • Cryptocurrency and blockchain essentials
  • Swiss and FATF recommendations applicable to cryptocurrencies
  • Financial crime risks and prevention using blockchain analysis tools
  • Key components of a FinTech AML programme 

Who are the trainers?

Chris Gschwend is a Senior Compliance Advisor at MME with 13 years of experience in implementing and auditing AML and trade compliance programmes in various industries.

Federico Paesano is a Senior Financial Investigation Specialist at the Basel Institute on Governance. As a Chief Investigator for the Italian Financial Police, Federico led financial investigations for 14 years, focusing on corruption and money laundering. As part of the training team of the Basel Institute’s International Centre for Asset Recovery, he delivers regular training courses around the world to investigators, prosecutors and other professionals working to tackle money laundering and financial crime.

Who, when and where?

  • Target audience: Financial institutions and FinTech / RegTech management, policy makers and compliance professionals
  • Participants: 5 to 20
  • Location: On-site at your location or in MME’s Zurich office
  • Costs: Please contact us to discuss
  • Format: Two day flexible-format course
  • Certificate: Provided to participants present for the full duration of the training

Book a course

We offer courses on demand at MME's offices in Zurich, Switzerland or at individual companies and financial institutions.

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