Basel AML Index Expert Edition

The Basel AML Index Expert Edition is a comprehensive and interactive risk assessment tool that helps users to evaluate the risk of corruption, money laundering and terrorist financing in any country in the world. It covers:

  • Quality of anti-money laundering frameworks
  • Corruption and bribery risks
  • Financial transparency and standards
  • Public transparency and accountability
  • Political and legal risks

It also highlights sanctions and other lists relevant to evaluating a country's risk of money laundering and terrorist financing, including those issued by the FATF, UN Security Council, US OFAC and European Union.

The Basel AML Index Expert Edition can be used as a standalone risk evaluation solution or as an independent benchmarking tool to validate in-house risk assessments.

Expert Edition Plus offers a detailed comparative analysis of the FATF Mutual Evaluation Reports. This allows users to assess each FATF recommendation individually by focusing on specific compliance needs, for example, due diligence or terrorist financing regulations. Find out more about Expert Edition Plus.


The tool and data are used worldwide by financial institutions, researchers, policymakers, compliance officers and other stakeholders to fulfil regulatory and compliance requirements. Some references:

Subscription packages

Countries covered
Annual update
Quarterly update
16 sub-indicators
Downloadable data set
Calculative and written analysis of FATF data
Expert Edition*
CHF 2,000 /year**
Expert Edition Plus*
CHF 4,000 /year**

* Free for public/supervisory institutions, international organisations, non-profit organisations and academic institutions.
** For up to 5 users per subscriber organisation. For other subscription options, please contact us.

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