Monitoring and learning

Our 2015 Learning Review observed that most Integrity Pacts implemented until that time had not applied any particular model for monitoring or evaluating impact.

Given the challenges with measuring an Integrity Pact's contribution to corruption prevention, the Learning Review recommended that future interventions incorporate monitoring and learning techniques with pragmatic indicators to identify good practices or other lessons to be replicated – or perhaps avoided – in subsequent efforts.

The Safeguarding EU Funds project coordinated by Transparency International has developed a set of indicators for short-term and intermediate outcomes. For more details, see the project’s Mid-Term Learning Review.

Indicators for short-term outcomes

  • Strengthened integrity capacity of targeted contracting authorities and successful bidders.
  • Strengthened prevention, detection, and resolution of irregularities in public procurement processes.
  • Increased trust among contracting authorities, successful bidders, and the public.
  • Increased good-will of government authorities and successful bidders for implementing (systemic) reforms to improve public procurement processes.
  • Increased capacity and willingness of the targeted public, especially intended beneficiaries, to engage in monitoring public procurement processes and reporting perceived risks.
  • Increased capacity and willingness of media to oversee public procurement processes.

Indicators for intermediate outcomes

  • Improved enforcement of public procurement standards/policy by governments in the targeted countries.
  • Improved application of (corporate governance) standards in public procurement practice by bidders in the targeted countries.
  • Improved public procurement standards/policies adopted by governments.
  • Improved (corporate governance) standards in public procurement adopted by bidders.
  • More transparent, participatory and accountable public procurement processes implemented.
  • Improved integrity performance by bidders in procurement processes.

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