The business case for Integrity Pacts

The business case for an Integrity Pact rests primarily in its capacity to promote a level playing field and in its monitoring capacity to ensure that procurement rules are followed. 

It is important to stress that Integrity Pact is not only an anti-corruption approach. Its benefits extend to the efficiency and value of the whole procurement system (learn more about the Integrity Pact as one element of the procurement integrity toolbox).

Advocates for Integrity Pacts are advised to identify champions and allies in government and the private sector. Promotion of Integrity Pacts should be within the context of a systems approach and, where necessary, legislative change.

Main benefits

For governments

  • Demonstrates commitment to transparency and anti-corruption.
  • Sends a strong message that public procurement processes will be clean and fair.
  • Reinforces existing anti-corruption measures.
  • Contributes to value for money in public contracting.

For companies

  • Levels the playing field in public procurement processes, boosting fair competition and innovation.
  • Deterrent effect makes bribery less likely and helps avoid damaging accusations and investigations.
  • Smooth procurement process means projects are likely to start and end on schedule.
  • Long-term reputational benefits of strengthening commitments to anti-corruption compliance.

For citizens

  • Increased transparency helps build trust in government and business.
  • Gives confidence that public resources are being used responsibly.
  • Public works contracts are more likely to be awarded to the bidder offering the best value for money.

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