Virtuous alliance: SMEs and public enterprises. Co-creating environments of integrity for sustainable and inclusive growth

This project focuses on the co-creation of integrity environments for sustainable and inclusive growth. The goals are to: 

  1. raise awareness about the importance of integrity as a condition for improving the competitiveness of SMEs and public companies in the energy sector in Argentina;
  2. strengthen SMEs and public companies, through the incorporation and elevation of compliance standards;
  3. promote preferential public policies and regulations in order to improve SMEs participation in public procurements, such as decartelization mechanisms and fight against corruption.

The facilitators will evaluate the levels of integrity of SMEs and public companies in the energy sector, allowing them to create a training and support system for SMEs that enables them to adapt their structures to current legal obligations and access to good practices and international standards in terms of compliance.

They will build a broad alliance between civil society, sector representatives and specialists to influence decision makers to generate preferential public policies and increase the participation of SMEs in public procurement processes and improving their competitiveness.

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Last updated: 16.03.2021

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