UN Global Compact - Collective Action Project India

This initiative aims to develop a Collective Action platform, with a focus on anti-corruption intervention and ethical governance. The goals of this initiative are:

  1. To address the economic implications of corruption.
  2. To get the necessary political buy-in from all relevant stakeholders to further anti-corruption agenda in India.
  3. To raise awareness among business executives, government officials and the general public about the value of collective action and corporate sustainability in fighting corruption.
  4. To facilitate dialogue between the private and public sector and explore good practices in implementing the UN Global Compact's 10th Principle on anti-corruption.
  5. To build a viable business case for ethical business practices in India.
  6. To create incentives for collective action and transparency.
  7. To identify specific areas for dialogue and learning, developing an overall governance structure including a monitoring mechanism for a Collective Action platform in India.
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Global Compact Local Network India

Last updated: 13.05.2020

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