Social Witness / Integrity Pact in Government Procurement - The Mexican Experience

The project aims to produce an Analytical Review Report of the Integrity Pacts/Social Witness tools that Transparencia Mexicana has applied in around 100 public procurement processes.

This methodology combines a mini-contractual form in a bidding process (IP) with intensive monitoring during the bidding process (SW). The result is a light legal structure with a real-time monitoring process that:

  • provides an external, technical and independent view without reducing efficiency;
  • partially restores public trust in procurement;
  • creates an environment for open discussions of technical decisions;
  • promotes government innovation;
  • contributes to competition, efficiency and savings.

The objective is to conduct an analytical review, and to promote the Mexican experience with a particular focus on its economic impact, social results and a new framework for Collective Action among participants in procurement processes. Activities include an analytical review, the production of independent chapters under an editorial plan, and the communication/promotion of the Analytical Review Report with relevant stakeholders.

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Transparencia Mexicana

Last updated: 13.05.2020

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