SHINE PROJECT - Strengthening high-level commitment for Integrity Initiatives and Nurturing Collective Action of Enterprises advocating for fair market conditions

The project aims at initiating Collective Action between foreign and local businesses in order to support fair market conditions. The Integrity Initiative will encourage companies to commit to having no tolerance for corruption, and to commit to sustainable development. The specific objectives are to:

  • identify key concerns of the private sector that affect integrity and transparency in business transactions;
  • develop a unified “Business Code of Conduct” as a standard for local and foreign business entities;
  • create an “Industry Integrity Pact” that provides control measures to ensure transparency and integrity in business transactions;
  • develop products to set up integrity practices as basis for an audit and certification program for participating companies; and
  • institutionalize the whole process to promote sustainability of the Integrity Initiative.
Cross Sector
Makati Business Club

Last updated: 13.05.2020

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