Scaling up Anti-Corruption Collective Action within Global Compact Local Networks

Scaling up Anti-Corruption Collective Action within Global Compact Local Networks (GCLN) is a four-year project to support collective actions from Global Compact Local Networks and promote public-private cooperation in fighting corruption. The project aims to:

  1. mainstream Collective Action and enhance its understanding and implementation locally;
  2. mobilise multi-stakeholder efforts to identify and develop plans to address corruption challenges within a country/sector;
  3. engage with governments and other stakeholders to enhance public-private cooperation in fighting corruption.

To this end, the project will adopt a three pronged approach:

  1. Development of Anti-Corruption Collective Action Playbook for GCLNs to mainstream the understanding and uptake of Collective Action.
  2. Global launch and roll-out of the Playbook to enable GCLNs in understanding and using the Collective Action methodology to identify and address corruption issues.
  3. Support select GCLNs in their Collective Action initiatives.

Underlying this approach will be an overarching goal of facilitating public-private cooperation on Collective Action through policy dialogue and engagement with governments and non-business stakeholders. The project will endeavour to mainstream Anti-Corruption Collective Action and enable GCLNs to engage the private sector and other stakeholders in understanding, initiating and supporting Collective Action.

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Last updated: 16.07.2020

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