Russian Compliance Alliance

The goal of the Russian Compliance Alliance (RCA) is to create a private-sector certification process that defines ethics compliance standards for Russian supply chains of multinational companies operating in Russia.

RCA is a non-commercial initiative. Its original objective was to establish Russia as a pilot for a B20 global anti-corruption model, and to use this initiative for research on how best to address this market economy challenge. The RCA partners with the B20 Collective Action Hub and receives support from its primary research partners: Higher School of Economics (Faculty of Management) and The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania (Legal Studies and Business Ethics Department).

The project is intended to be a “public good”, available to any organization free of charge. The only restriction on use is that it not be sold. The self-evaluation questionnaire is designed to:

  • address the requirements of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, UK Bribery Act, and Russian Anticorruption law № 273-ФЗ “Article 13.3”;
  • emphasize business culture;
  • cover key topics rather than comprehensive levels of detail;
  • provide a level of complexity that is manageable by SMEs as well as larger organizations.
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Last updated: 13.05.2020

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