Promoting Collective Action in Egypt

This initiative aimed to develop anti-corruption policies and procedures for companies, with special emphasis on SMEs. It also focused on identifying corruption and enhancing transparency and integrity in business to government (B2G) transactions, mainly in government procurement.

The approach taken by this initiative was to combine the actions SMEs should do to tackle corruption in their operations with the reasons why they should put their energies behind a commitment to fight corruption. This was addressed in two work streams:

  1. Establishing good practice standards and identifying capacity requirements among Egyptian SMEs. This included an Integrity Pledge to be adopted by participating companies as well as a guidance manual. The manual gave practical advice to SMEs seeking to implement the Integrity Pledge through identification of different forms of corruption, information on the Integrity Pledge requirements, and checklists.
  2. Addressing incentives for SMEs to adhere to the Integrity Pledge. This included a commercial incentives list that large Egyptian and multinational companies can use in order to motivate SMEs in this endeavour, thereby helping spread anti-corruption in the Egyptian business context.
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Egyptian Junior Business Association

Last updated: 13.05.2020

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