Maala’s Corporate Social Responsibility Collective Voluntary Anti-Corruption Standard Program

Maala concentrated its efforts on promoting and encouraging a culture of ethics and integrity in the Israeli business community. Rather than treating ethics and integrity as only a technical compliance issue, it was approached more comprehensively as a human-behaviour and corporate culture issue in order to bring about behavioural change.

Main activities:

  • Expansion of the section on assessment of ethical and governance standards of the Maala Index
  • Increase the number of companies in the Maala Index and educate investors about the benefits of the index
  • Development and publication of a working tool-kit that helps to understand, implement and practice anti-corruption/bribery and ethical governance standards
  • Conduct a media campaign, which creates awareness of the business sector’s obligation to abide by ethical management, corporate governance and anti-corruption standards
  • Conduct 11 learning sessions
  • Conduct an annual conference to serve as a forum for public dialogue and to raise awareness
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Last updated: 13.05.2020

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