Land Registration Platform Integrity Pact

In 2015, less than 50% of land titles in Romania were registered in the integrated system for cadaster and national land book (eTerra). To overcome this, the Romanian National Agency for Cadaster and Land Registration is undertaking a massive project with EU regional funds to register title in 793 "territorial administrative units" in less developed rural areas of Romania. Integrity Pacts are being used to oversee two out of three components of the necessary public procurement for this registration process.

This IP is part of the “Integrity Pacts Programme – Safeguarding EU Funds” project funded by the European Commission.

Additional information

  • Procurement authority: National Agency for Cadaster and Land Registration
  • Monitor: TI - Romania & Institute for Public Policy
  • Language: Romanian
  • Start year: 2016
  • End year: Ongoing
  • Tender value: EUR 312.9 million

Last updated: 17.05.2020

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