Ghana Integrity Initiative: Service Delivery Charters in Ghana

This project aimed to create and implement 10 service delivery charters for government licensing and approval authorities through a Collective Action approach. 

Service delivery charters (SDCs) are a tool to promote integrity and efficiency in the provision of public services such as vehicle licensing or business permitting. They help to close the critical knowledge gap between service providers and service users, for example about the cost or timescale of a particular service. These kinds of knowledge gaps make public services vulnerable to corruption.

In theory, service delivery charters are a win-win-win tool. Citizens and businesses receive faster, more predictable services and are less likely to face demands for extra "fees", increasing trust and productivity. 

In addition to creating more effective service charters, the project approach aimed to promote multi-stakeholder dialogue and encourage businesses to engage openly and productively with public institutions on integrity issues.

The project was funded by the UK Business Integrity Initiative and led by the Ghana Integrity Initiative, which is the local chapter of Transparency International, in collaboration with the Private Enterprise Federation.

Public services
Ghana Integrity Initiative; Private Enterprise Federation

Last updated: 16.03.2021

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