Ghana Integrity Initiative: Corruption Risk Assessment of Government of Ghana COVID-19 Interventions

The Ghana Integrity Initiative is leading a multi-stakeholder project aimed at setting standards for government procurement in Ghana during and after the health crisis. As part of the project, GII is engaging with diverse stakeholder groups collaboratively to develop a study report and make recommendations to the government and private sector to ensure inclusiveness, effectiveness, efficiency, integrity, transparency and accountability in government emergency response now and in the future.

Funded by the Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) for its initial year, the social intervention research and advocacy project starts with a corruption risk assessment of government emergency relief efforts across the board. The project is working towards providing Ghana with a template for undertaking Corruption Risk Assessments of all government projects that could, funding permitted, potentially be included in Ghana's Public Finance Management Law.

Project stakeholders are the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Health, Ghana Health Service, the Auditor General’s Department, Controller and Accountant General, Public Procurement Authority, Board of Trustees of the COVID 19 Trust Fund, media organisations, civil society organisation (CSOs), the private sector and government intervention beneficiaries.

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Ghana Integrity Initiative

Last updated: 16.03.2021

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