Center for Business Ethics (CBE)

The main objective of this project was to enhance integrity in the Moroccan business environment through the creation of a centre for business ethics. The mission of the centre is to raise awareness and promote clean business in different sectors, namely energy, healthcare, industry and infrastructure and cities. The Center for Business Ethics will constitute a major player in the fight against corruption through training of professionals, students, and educators as well as conducting research projects and developing teaching case studies.

The Center’s activities revolve around the following objectives:

  • Good Governance Practices: Help businesses to implement anti-corruption initiatives and adopt good governance practices through seminars and training courses for executives.
  • Curricula Development and Seminars: Integrate business ethics into undergraduate and graduate programs. Offer training dedicated to how to integrate business ethics in different disciplines.
  • Research: Conduct relevant applied research in the areas of business ethics. The goal of these research projects is to advance knowledge and best practices.
  • Auditors training: Develop and deliver training dedicated to auditors and compliance officers.
Cross Sector
Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane (AUI)

Last updated: 13.05.2020

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