Capacitating African business networks to implement global anti-corruption initiatives and good practices

The project aims to enable African business networks to implement anti-corruption initiatives and good governance practices.

Business networks and individual businesses seldom have the appropriate expertise to implement internationally developed anti-corruption and good governance guidelines, standards and initiatives, and are often unaware of their existence. Other challenges in the anti-corruption field relate to making impacts felt at the ground level, and creating platforms for the private and public sectors to engage on corruption challenges and Collective Action solutions.

This project attempted to address these challenges and to build local capacity in two countries: 

  • In Angola the focus was on Collective Action initiatives in the private sector with the aim of enhancing ethical business practices and good governance standards. The ultimate goal was to improve the investment climate and enhance the ease of doing business in Angola.
  • In South Africa the project aimed to reduce corruption on the ground level, by engaging with municipalities and businesses at the local level to implement collective projects that would impact positively on the ethical business climate and municipal service delivery.
South Africa
Cross Sector
The Ethics Institute

Last updated: 13.05.2020

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