Collective Action Ideas, Insights and Inspiration

2020 Integrity Partner Workshop Series

The Basel Institute on Governance hosted a four-part Collective Action Workshop Series in July 2020. Supported by the Siemens Integrity Initiative, the virtual events brought practitioners from around the world together to share experiences and innovations in Collective Action.

We were pleased to welcome 37 participants in total, representing 22 initiatives from 22 different countries in 4 continents.

You can find the main ideas and insights on the four pages below – flick through the slideshows or read the text versions for more depth and links.

For more inspiration, visit our B20 Collective Action Hub. Here you’ll find a downloadable database of Collective Action initiatives around the world plus relevant publications.

To contribute your ideas and comments or ask for further guidance, email


Many thanks to the Siemens Integrity Initiative for funding these valuable peer-learning events.

Thank you also to all who participated in the workshop series and related discussions. We have only included direct quotes and examples given by the participants where we have permission to do so or the information is publicly available.

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