B20 Saudi Arabia (2020)

A B20 Integrity and Compliance Taskforce was created under the Saudi Arabia Presidency in 2020.

In addition, the B20 established five other Taskforces that covered: Energy, Sustainability & Climate; the Future of Work and Education; Digitalisation; Finance & Infrastructure; and Trade & Investment.

B20 Saudi Arabia Integrity and Compliance Policy Paper 2020


Recommendation 1: The G20 should pursue a culture of high integrity in the public and private sectors. 

  • Policy Action 1.1 The G20 should engage with the private sector to implement or improve national anti-corruption plans, and to adopt new Collective Action initiatives.  
  • Policy Action 1.2 The G20 should strengthen laws protecting whistleblowers, and engage with the private sector regarding best-practices in whistleblower programme management. 
  • Policy Action 1.3 The G20 should ensure that anti-corruption plans and whistleblower protections empower women to become part of the solution to corruption.

Recommendation 2: The G20 should leverage emerging technologies to manage risks relating to corruption and fraud. 

  • Policy Action 2.1 The G20 should adopt consistent digital identity standards and systems to enhance transparency in beneficial ownership, and improve third-party risk management in the private sector.
  • Policy Action 2.2 The G20 should develop digital public national registers to increase transparency around beneficial ownership information, and to improve third-party risk management.
  • Policy Action 2.3 The G20 should launch a public-private partnership project to support the development of new technologies to further improve data quality in, and data sharing among, national registers. 

Recommendation 3: The G20 should enhance integrity and transparency in public procurement.

  • Policy Action 3.1 The G20 should ensure transparency, and promote integrity and accountability across the entire public procurement lifecycle.
  • Policy Action 3.2 The G20 should establish clear and consistent incentives to reward high standards of ethical business conduct in the context of public procurement.
  • Policy Action 3.3 The G20 should ensure greater integrity among public procurement officials by implementing conflict of interest policies and asset declarations in line with UNCAC Article 8 for procurement officials, while bolstering anti-corruption training for these officials and providing transparent and independent channels for them to report instances of corruption.