B20 Japan (2019)

There were no B20 taskforces during the Japanese G20 Presidency. Instead, recommendations were made at the B20 Tokyo Summit.

B20 Tokyo Summit Joint Recommendations 

Integrity for All Business underlines the importance of responsible business conduct and integrity at all levels.

The fight against corruption must remain a priority and must be addressed in close dialogue among business, government, and society more broadly. Corruption undermines good governance, erodes trust and threatens investment. While reiterating the importance of transparent, fair governance and the rule of law, the B20 call on the G20 to implement the following actions as a prerequisite for growth in accordance with domestic laws and regulations.

(1) Address the demand side of bribery as well as the supply side through promoting collective actions such as the following;

A) Anti-corruption declaration

B) Integrity pact

(2) Ensure transparency in public procurement with a focus on mid- and long-term projects.

(3) Pursue the implementation of the requirements of the past G20 communiqués regarding beneficial ownership transparency.

(4) Rebuild trust in institutions fostering the highest standards of ethics, integrity, and compliance for both demand and supply sides.

(5) Enhance a culture of integrity through education and encourage business to adopt a compliance culture within their companies while governments take into consideration compliance efforts and voluntary self-disclosure by business.