Financial Investigations and Asset Recovery

This is ICAR's signature training programme, designed to enhance skills to analyse, investigate and prosecute complex corruption offences, financial crime and money laundering cases, and to recover criminal proceeds. The centrepiece is an extensive hands-on practical exercise in which the participants conduct a country-specific simulated investigation. It incorporates complex corruption and money laundering schemes, and following the money trail.

Applying a participatory approach, the training material used in the programme is presented and reinforced through three complimentary learning styles:

  • lectures
  • a country-specific simulated investigation
  • trial preparation.

The participants are divided into investigative teams, working as independent task force groups for the whole duration of the programme. Group discussions focus on key topical areas, identify problems that have occurred in actual cases, arrive at potential solutions and compare international standards to the country-specific issues.

Simulated investigation

The simulated case involves the analysis of large volumes of data, gathering and assembling evidence in a manner ready for presentation at trial, and establishing a basis for the confiscation of assets. This practical exercise incorporates relevant country-specific criminal statutes and provisions, commercial and banking records and enforcement procedures.

The participants learn how to utilise criminal investigative techniques to identify the witnesses and evidence that will be used to prove each of the elements of a money laundering and corruption violation, and to direct an asset recovery action. This work is conducted in an automated environment using computer applications to perform portions of the financial analysis.

Trial preparation

Following the completion of the investigative stage, the participants are required to organise and assemble the evidence for prosecution. The learning process takes place through a combination of the practical exercise and relevant blocks of instruction interspersed at appropriate intervals to provide the participants with the necessary skills to successfully complete the simulated investigation.

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In order to receive a Certificate of Completion and benefit from the interactive group work, participants are required to attend for the full duration of the workshop.

The costs of our training programmes include fees and trainer expenses, and are negotiated on a case-by-case basis in close cooperation with the partner country or funding institution that has requested our training services. 

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Target audience: Investigators, prosecutors, FIU representatives, judges

Number of participants: 25–35 on-site; up to 20 virtually

Duration: 5 days

Location: On-site or virtually

Programme language: English; other languages possible with interpreters