Corruption in Infrastructure Projects and Procurement

A major part of the world’s exports of merchandise and commercial services are linked to public procurement, creating valuable business opportunities but also providing exposure to bribery. Procurement offences in infrastructure construction projects are particularly prone to corruption, posing a primary source of corruption income.

This ICAR training programme focuses on the types of corruption and fraud schemes that are common in contracting and procurement. Corruption schemes include bribery, collusion, bid rigging, kickbacks and undisclosed financial interests in the award of contracts. Through the use of an extensive hands-on practical exercise, the participants conduct a country-specific simulated investigation.

The training programme uses actual cases that demonstrate how bribes are generated, concealed and paid, and how these payments can be detected and proven. To provide an understanding of these processes, the participants analyse bid rigging methods used to ensure that the bribe payer is awarded the contract. Specific cases assist in demonstrating fraudulent practices, including failure to meet contract specifications, inflated invoices, product substitution, false claims and over-billing.

The participants are divided into teams to investigate a simulated corruption case, which focuses on a large construction project, using the principles that were learnt during the lecture modules. The teams follow leads to uncover the evidence, identify the relevant criminal statutes and organise their case in a manner that ensures that each element of the crime is proven. This active learning technique helps to develop investigative skills that can immediately be employed in the participants’ actual cases.

An extensive manual on Combating Corruption and Fraud in International Development Projects is provided to each participant. It describes each step of the investigative process and may be used as guidance in future cases.

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We recommend that the Financial Investigations and Asset Recovery programme be taken first as it lays the basis for the other programmes. In order to receive a Certificate of Completion and benefit from the interactive group work, participants are required to attend for the full duration of the workshop.

The costs of our training programmes include fees and trainer expenses, and are negotiated on a case-by-case basis in close cooperation with the partner country or funding institution which has requested our training services. For more information, please contact us at: + 41 61 205 55 11 or

Target audience: Investigators, prosecutors, FIU representatives, judges

Number of participants: 5–35 on-site; up to 20 virtually

Duration: 5 days

Location: On-site or virtually

Programme language: English; other languages possible with interpreters